There was no internet…no television, and not even radio in many cases. So people wrote to each other.

The early 1900s was the “Golden Age of Postcards”, with the “Penny Postcard” being a popular way to send greetings to family and friends. These postcards today show us a snapshot of history, as seen in these views of Hightstown and East Windsor.

Hightstown and East Windsor PR and Bio (1)Want to see more? Support the Society by purchasing a copy of  a Postcard History Series of Hightstown and East Windsor.

The book is 128 pages full of information and postcard images telling a visual story of everyday life in Hightstown and East Windsor including schools, transportation, and chapters on retail, and historical homes in town.

The Society is selling the book for $22. Checks can be made out to the HEWHS.  Contact Shirley Olsen at 609-448-8388 to purchase a copy.